5 Tips To Actually Keep Those New Year’s Health Resolutions


Tip 5 – Make A Bet

Make A Bet

Once you have given yourself a realistic target, you are going to find your loudest and most obnoxious friend, then you are going to make a monetary bet with this person stating that you will stick to your resolution and achieve your aim, or else you will have to pay him/her $100.

This is a sure-fire way of boosting your motivation however, make sure that the amount of money you bet is going to cause you to want to avoid losing the bet. If $100 is not a lot of money to you then try $500 or even $1000.

The fact that you made this bet with your most obnoxious friend will make you want to achieve your goal even more, because no one wants to lose a bet that they will have to hear about repeatedly every time you meet with that person.

Another way of doing this is to give a trusted friend or family member the money up front and tell that if you fail your resolution then they can keep the money; otherwise, they have to give it back to you when you achieve success.




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