Alex Tran


Daily Halo for Apr. 27, 2017

"Just because my path is different doesn't mean I'm lost."

Daily Halo for Feb. 10, 2017

  "Every morning you have a new opportunity to become a happier version of yourself."

Daily Halo for Feb. 9, 2017

  "Just being there for someone can sometimes bring hope when all seems hopeless."

Daily Halo for Feb. 6, 2017

  "And in the end... All I learned was how to be strong alone."

Daily Halo for Feb. 3, 2017

"Don't let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace"

Daily Halo for Feb. 2, 2017

  "She's a dreamer, a doer, a thinker..."

Daily Halo for Apr. 26, 2017

"ACCEPT what is, LET GO of what was, and HAVE FAITH on what will be... " Pass on this Halo

Daily Halo for Feb. 21, 2017

  "Give it to God... and go to sleep"

Daily Halo for April 24, 2017

"If not today. Tomorrow is another day :)"

Daily Halo for April 23, 2017

"God will never leave you empty. He will replace everything you lost. If He asks you to put something down, it's because He wants you to pick...

Know The 5 Tips That Will Help Prevent Seniors From Falling

You probably have an older relative that has suffered some type of injury from a fall. This shouldn’t surprise you, considering the fact that...

Daily Halo for April 11, 2017

"I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens ME"

Take Time!

" We are all blessed. God has given us exactly 24 hours in a day. No one gets more, no one gets less. Here are...

Daily Halo for April 10, 2017

  "Always pray to have eyes to see the best,  a heart that forgives the worst,  a mind that forgets the bad,  and a soul that never loses...

National Sibling’s Day

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Life After Death?

Do You Believe in Life after Birth? Here's what these pair of twins have to say. I was surprised by their perspective.    

Daily Halo for Apr. 4, 2017

  "Be an Autism Advocate Now." #worldautismawarenessday

Want to Keep Your #mojo Going? These Smokin’ #grandmas Show You...

They say that music is the international language. It truly can make you forget your problems, boost your morale and put a smile on...

My Obituary

  "Sometimes I wish I had a Father manual and a Husband manual..."  

April Fool’s Day

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Daily Halo for Mar. 30, 2017

So, what's your game plan this April Fool's Day?  

If Tomorrow Starts Without Me by David Romano

Regrets of the Dying. While I still have time, I wonder if I am living enough, giving enough, and loving enough.  What would you differently...

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Here are 5 Medical Use for Hypnosis that we should know…

Before we get into how hypnosis can help you improve your overall health, it’s important to note that most people have the wrong idea...

Everything You Do Is Right Day

  National Everything You Do Is Right Day was started March 16, 2015. The day shown based on how it went viral on social media...

5 Tips for Decluttering Your Mind

Life can be full of worries, stresses, and endless things to do. Every day we are bombarded with thoughts of circumstances, plans, commitments, hardships...

How To Help With Insomnia For Older Adults

  Dealing with insomnia is a common issue with older adults. This might be from living an unhealthy lifestyle, not having a good mattress, or...