How to Crochet an Extra Large Market Bag with Free Pattern


This article is published here with permission from Michelle. It was originally published  on January 15, 2015 on her website

Happy New Year!

After the popularity of my original Market Bag Free Crochet Pattern, I decided to share my extra large version with you. I actually made this bag first, but because of its size, I thought it might not go over as well as its smaller counterpart. I mean, you can fit small children in this thing. But, it’s excellent for carrying stuff that’s bulky but not too heavy, such as clothing, sleeping bags and beach towels. And summer is on its way, where a need to carry those types of things tends to arise. So maybe you’ll find a need for a ginormous bag after all.

Here’s a size comparison with the original market bag:


Crochet Free Pattern

And yes, I was totally being boring by using the same color yarn to make both bags.


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