My Dog Slept on a Memory Foam Dog Bed for 2 Months, This is What Happened


I moved to San Francisco just a couple of months ago and brought my 2 and a half year old chocolate lab with me. Her previous bed was nice, but nowhere near as nice as this one. To say that she loves it would be an understatement. As you can see, my lab sleeps in all kinds of positions on this bed. Sometimes not even completely on the bed, depending on how exhausted she is! It’s hilarious!

The memory foam dog bed is made of 4 inches of memory foam and has a cover that is easily removable to put in the wash. This dog bed comes in many different colors and fabric. I chose the denim blue because I thought it matched my decor based and I felt it would be easy to clean. Sure enough, it IS easy to clean. I basically just vacuum any excess hair or debris off of the fabric and wipe it down with a cloth – couldn’t be simpler.

It’s also light and easy to move around. Every night I just grab the bed and bring into the bedroom, where she sleeps below my bed. In the morning, I take into the kitchen and place it by my kitchen dining table. My lab couldn’t be happier!


Depending on your interests, you can change the fabric cover any time. I’ve had the bed for a couple of months and don’t see a need to buy any other fabric cover, because it’s very durable and thick, not like some of the other cheap ones that I’ve bought in the past.

Funny, my sister in law came to visit one day. She put her foot on the bed and exclaimed that it was more comfortable than her own mattress. Now, that’s a remarkable statement, since she’s a pretty picky sleeper!

I bought my memory foam dog bed from Note that I do get a small amount of referral fee if you buy from my link. I do use it to help pay to run this website.

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