How to Make a Simple and Easy Bobbles Scarf


This crochet stitch is commonly referred to as the Offset Bobbles or Clusters stitch and is a simple and easy scarf pattern for crochet beginners to make.

The bobble or Cluster stitch mean that there are more than one stitch that are cluster together in a stitch or in the front or back of a double crochet stitch or sometimes referred to as a double crochet post.

The pattern is worked in multiples of 7 stitches. The chain 2 stitch is counted as one double crochet stitch or dc stitch and also the turning chain.

If you want a wider or longer scarf all you need to do is the extra math.


For example, if you want a scarf that repeats the pattern 4 times, you must multiply.

Thus, you’d have 4 repeat x 7 stitches will give you 28 stitches the total number of stitches to begin your scarf project.

bobbles stitch

A bobbles stitch is worked sideways and consist of working a five dc cluster around the post of the next dc.

For example, you will work a double crochet by bring the yarn over (yo) your hook and inserting the hook behind the post of the double crochet stitch and drawing up a loop then working a double crochet, without completing the last step of a double crochet stitch. Repeat the step 4 more times.

After your first and second double crochet you will have 3 loops on your hook, after third dc you will have 4 loops, after 4 dc you will have 5 loops and after the fifth dc you will have 6 loops completed. Then yarn over and draw through all the loops on your hook.



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