How To Save Money And Time On Ironing


It’s so easy to use. You literally select whether you’re pressing silk, wool, cotton, etc. lower the press and voila – perfect press. There’s even a steamer switch which is FAR better than an iron. You get a lot of steam out of this device. The presser puts out 100 pounds of pressure. Imagine standing over an iron and ironing board. This beats that hands down.

You can see from my pants and shirt before and after!

Ok, so what’s the downside? It is more expensive than an iron and ironing board for sure. But you can find them at a discount by looking online. It’s a bit tricky to get the corners / shoulders. But, once you figure out the method it is easy peasy. Finally, it is “heavy.” But, that is what makes it work so well! 100 pounds of pressure is nothing to sneeze at. I could never put that amount of pressure just using an iron and ironing board.


So, before you put out your hard earned money buying a steam press, do your own math. And, also consider the amount of time you have to iron clothes. Not everyone needs or cares to have the fresh pressed look, but if you’re a professional or looking to impress your date, this is one heck of a utility that pays for itself over and over.

I bought my Singer Magic Press from Note that I do get a small amount of referral fee if you buy from my link. I do use it to help pay to run this website.

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