Why Should Seniors Have Pets As They Age?


Having a pet can be a wonderful experience for anyone, but it is especially beneficial for seniors. Whether you are an older adult or are a caregiver for someone that is older, here are some reasons seniors should have pets in their home.

It Allows Them To Get Good Exercise


One of the primary reasons a senior should have a pet is because it helps them get good exercise. When you have a dog, they need to go out to potty at least a few times a day and usually on at least 1-2 walks a day. Even if these are short walks, it provides the senior adult with a good amount of exercise. Any pet gets a senior up and moving, whether they need to clean out a hamster’s cage, clean a cat’s litter box, or feed and water the ferret. Pets need regular care and attention, and that little bit of movement each day does wonders.



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